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March 25, 2013
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Gymnodos by Kreaturez Gymnodos by Kreaturez
Gymnodos, a species from my webcomic in-progress, "Battle Kreaturez".

Pronunciation: "Jim-no-dose"
Rank: B+
Height: 9'3"
Length: 31'2"
Weight: 1.6 tons

When a male and female Gymnodon mate, they fuse together and metamorphose into Gymnodos, a hermaphrodite that can reproduce asexually. Each head is an individual, and they bond with eachother emotionally by rubbing against eachother. It is a doting parent, and will feed its offspring by sloughing off its own skin for them to eat; thanks to its accelerated healing abilities, the skin grows back instantly. It has many rows of legs that enable it to chase down prey with blinding speed, and the final pair are modified into a pincer that can hold prey down. It can also unleash a powerful energy blast from each of its mouths.
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